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The olive ash burl, a very sought-after appearance

texture of olive ash burl wood

Olive ash burl wood is a very decorative wood because of its color. Being a burl, the wood is interwoven and has many wavy lines and curls alternating a cream and brown color.

This strong color contrast in the wood gives it a remarkable and highly prized appearance.

Technical data sheet of olive ash burl

You will find all the information you need to understand and use the olive ash burl. We have compiled the characteristics, specifications and information of this exceptional wood.


Common Name

Olive ash burl

Scientific name

Fraxinus excelsior


Olive ash is not a wood species. It refers to the wood of certain ash trees that grow in specific soils and have an olive-like wood.

Color of the wood

The wood of the olive ash burl has wavy lines and swirls with alternating light and dark brown colors.


The size of the burl is very variable depending on the age and living conditions of the tree on which it grew. It can vary from a few centimeters to several meters.


The exterior of the olive ash burl is bumpy with bark.


The wood of olive ash burl is an easy to work with and strong wood.

Availability of olive ash burl


Price of olive ash burl wood


Description of olive ash burl

Take a closer look at the characteristics and uses of olive ash burl, as well as its history and benefits as a craft and decorative material.

Olive ash burl harvested regions of the world

World map of the origin of the olive ash burl

Olive ash burl grows on certain types of ash trees. The ash trees generally grow in Europe and particularly in France where it is part of the great trees of the forests of the territory. Besides, many cities have a name related to the ash tree.

The history of the olive ash

ash tree seen from below with zoom on its leaves

Olive ash is not a tree species or variety of ash. The term refers to the heartwood of certain ash trees growing in a specific soil. The heartwood of these ash trees has a wavy, ridged appearance reminiscent of olive wood. This is why this wood is called olive ash wood. The burl that forms on these specific trees is highly sought after because the wavy patterns are swirly and offer a unique wood texture.

How does a burl form in a tree?

burl on a tree

The burl of a tree is a growth that will form in the wood, in the trunk but also in the branches or the roots. Visually, a burl looks like a ball covered with bark on the surface of the tree.

In order for this natural growth to grow on the tree, the tree must have been stressed. Following this stress, the tree defends itself by creating a burl. The stress it undergoes can be in different forms, it can be an insect bite, an injury, a disease transmitted by an animal or an insect or an environmental stress.

The natural beauty of the olive ash burl

A collection of carefully selected images to inspire you and arouse your curiosity.

olive ash burl
olive ash burl wood
olive ash tree
olive ash burl wood cup
other texture of olive ash burl
burl in a tree
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