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Vegetable spelt and hazelnut Viennese chocolate

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To warm you up, or just because you are greedy, this recipe of Viennese chocolate with spelt milk and hazelnuts will delight you! The vegetal spelt milk brings a lightness to the hot chocolate and the hazelnut an even more gourmet side! To this we add the homemade whipped cream and there, we have a real light and greedy Viennese chocolate 😍

Information on the recipe for Spelt and Hazelnut Viennese Chocolate

4 beverages

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Ingredients for 4 Viennese chocolates 


50 cl of spelt and hazelnut vegetable milk


4 tablespoons chocolate powder

creme fraiche

20 cl of full cream


1 packet of vanilla sugar or plain sugar

Steps to prepare Viennese chocolate

Step 1: Make the whipped cream

In a siphon add 20 cl of liquid cream and the vanilla sugar sachet. Then add a cartridge of gas and set aside in the refrigerator so that the whipped cream is cold.

If you don't have a siphon, you can make your whipped cream with 20cl of full cream and 30g of powdered sugar.

For your whipped cream to set, your ingredients and utensils must be cold.
chantilly maison

Step 2: Make the hot chocolate

Heat the milk in a saucepan and bring it to a boil. Once the milk is hot, gradually add the chocolate powder. Mix well until the chocolate dissolves.


Step 3: Serve the hot chocolate

Put the hot chocolate in the kuksa and add whipped cream on top.


Step 4: the final touch

To finish, sprinkle some powder and a few chocolate shavings on the whipped cream.


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