Finnish spinach pancakes 🇫🇮

★★★★★ l "Really surprising and delicious. With or without filling these pancakes are really very good."

Pinaattiletut are a classic of Finnish cuisine. They are salted spinach pancakes. You might think that they are classic pancakes with spinach filling but no! The spinach is chopped and incorporated into the pancake batter 🥞

Information about the Finnish spinach pancakes recipe

10 pancakes

Number of pancakes

10 minutes

Preparation time

10 minutes

Resting time

4 minutes

Cooking time

Ingredients to prepare spinach pancakes, pinaattiletut

  • farine


    wheat flour

  • butter



  • lait


    semi-skimmed milk

  • lait



  • oeuf



  • epinard


    frozen or fresh chopped spinach

Steps to prepare the spinach pancakes

ingredients for spinach pancakes

Step 1: Prepare the spinach

If using frozen spinach, defrost according to package directions.

For fresh spinach, wash, chop and pan-fry with cream for about 6 minutes.

Adding cream to spinach makes for crispier pancakes!

Chop fresh spinach

Step 2: Prepare the spinach pancake batter

In a bowl, put the flour and dig a well. Then put the eggs, melted butter and chopped spinach in the well. Then mix.

preparation of spinach pancake batter

Step 3: Add the milk to the batter

Add the 40cl of milk in several additions to the pancake batter and mix well with a whisk. The more vigorously you mix, the fewer lumps you will get!

Let the batter rest for about 10 minutes.

spinach pancake batter

Step 4: Make the pancakes

If you are using a crepe maker, start heating it up.

You can also make your pancakes in a crepe pan, there is no difference!

Once the crepe pan is hot, go ahead and make your pancakes!

making pancakes in a crepe pan

Step 5 : Cooking the pancakes

To cook the pancakes, count about 4 minutes on each side.

Be careful, the cooking time depends on the power of your crepe maker or the intensity of your hotplate!

To be sure of your cooking, look at the aspect of the pancakes as on the picture below ⤵️ On the left picture, the pancake has just been spread on the crepe pan and is therefore not cooked. On the right, the pancake is cooked, you just have to turn it over and cook the other side!

Cooking spinach pancakes

Step 6 : Topping the pancakes

This step is not mandatory at all! The spinach pancakes are self-sufficient and don't necessarily need to be garnished. But since I'm a foodie, I made you my recipe for spinach pancakes topped with ham and cheese 🤩

Here, I use grated Emmental cheese and white ham, but you can also top your spinach pancakes with salmon, cream cheese or any other ingredient you like!


Step 7: Time to eat!

Finally, it's the moment you've been waiting for! The moment to taste what you have just cooked!

So I say, "Bon appétit!"

recipe spinach pancake

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