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Find our hand-carved kuksas and our Kupilka made with 100% green electricity. 

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Learn more about our wooden cups

Find some practical information about the manufacture, maintenance and origin of our wooden cups.

authentic wooden cup kuksa

Authentic and handmade


Our authentic kuksa are hand carved in Finnish Lapland in the respect of the Sami ancestral traditions.

They are carved in one piece from birch burr. The burr is a growth on the tree that appears as a result of stress, such as injury or illness. 🪵


After using your kuksa, you should not wash it with a household product but only rinse it with clear water and let it dry.

The cleaning is done on the inside of the cup with coffee and hot coffee grounds. This creates a water-repellent film and prevents the creation of cracks or staining of the wood due to certain foods.

The outside of the cup is also treated with edible linseed oil to harden the wood and make it shiny.


Kuksa cups were first created and used by the Sami people, an indigenous people who live in northern Europe, in Lapland.

The Sami used and still use kuksa as a vessel for drinking, eating and berry picking.🫐

Reindeer herders since time immemorial, the Sámi use reindeer horns to embellish their everyday objects like kuksa. 🦌

 brown kupilka cup on grass

Ecological and recyclable


The Kupilka company was the first Finnish company to use green electricity for its production. 🌿

It also created a new material from the wood of Finnish forests. Thus was born Kareline, a material that is sustainable over time and can be recycled, burned or returned to the factory for reuse.♻️


It doesn't get much easier than maintaining your Kupilka!

You don't have to worry about the maintenance of Kupilka products because they don't require any special treatment.

They can be washed with dishwashing liquid and even be put in the dishwasher.

Also, Kupilka products dry very quickly, so you can easily put your cup in your backpack and go on an adventure.


Kupilka products have been around since 1996 and were created by a Finnish family concerned about the environment and the natural resources of their country.

It is important to know that the Kaasinen family, creators of Kupilka, knew and mastered the ancestral art of carving wooden cups for many years before embarking on the adventure


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