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I have not been reimbursed, what can I do?

The refund is triggered once we have received the product and it is in conformity. The refund is made to the credit card or account used for payment.

The transfer time of the money can take between 5 to 10 days depending on the bank.

If you don't see the refund, there are several reasons:

  • If the refund was triggered very shortly after the purchase, it will look like a cancellation and not a refund. In this case the original payment will simply disappear from your bank statement. You will not be charged for the order amount.
  • If the account or credit card that was used for the purchase has expired or has been closed, then the bank will not be able to receive the refund. In this case, we will contact you to get your new bank details and send you the funds.
  • If the payment was a deferred credit card payment then the refund will also be deferred.

If, despite all this, you still do not receive the refund, contact us by email at hello@kuksa.shop.