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The wood of the kuksa

All our products of the authentic range are made of wood. The wood used to carve these cups is birch from Finnish forests. There is very little birch burr in Finland, which is why the kuksa is so rare and expensive.

It is a desire on the part of our craftsmen to work with Finnish wood. Even if it is more expensive than wood from Norway, Estonia or Russia.

The production of kuksa does not require any felling of trees. They are made from burr wood, a growth of the tree. They are then cut with an axe or knife and worked by hand.

The horn on the handle of the kuksa

Some of our kuksa have a reindeer horn decoration on the handle. This reindeer horn also comes from Finland. Indeed, in Finnish Lapland, there are more reindeer than inhabitants and reindeer husbandry is a profession practiced by over 60% of the population.
When autumn arrives in Finland, male reindeer lose their antlers. For the females, this happens after they have had their young. When the reindeer shed their antlers, the herders collect them and use them to make jewelry or as ornaments on certain products such as cups or knives.