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How to clean and maintain a kuksa or other authentic product?

To maintain your handmade wooden product, you should use two simple and 100% natural things:

The maintenance is done after a dozen uses or when you see that the object is dull.

At first, we let infused hot coffee in the cup or on the product. Then we rub the product with coffee grounds and we let it rest. Finally we remove the coffee grounds and it is finished!

This action makes the wood more water repellent and prevents any cracking or mildew.

Linseed oil must be a natural and edible oil. Do not buy linseed oil from the DIY or paint department! The oil can be applied to the entire product to harden the wood and make it shine.

Find all the information on the maintenance of hand carved wood products on our dedicated page by clicking here. You can also see how to maintain your product with the video below.

If you still need more information, please send us an email at hello@kuksa.shop and we will be happy to answer you.