Who are we?

Tervetuloa! We are Anne-Laure and Aleksi, founders of Kuksa Shop


Tervetuloa means welcome in Finnish.

Kuksa Shop was born in October 2021, after a day of snowmobile trip in Lapland. To tell you the little story, in the middle of the excursion, we took a break at the edge of a frozen lake (by the way, there was not only the lake of frozen 😉 ). During this break, we drank a hot drink (glögi) in a kuksa and we simply fell in love with this wooden cup.

Aleksi, on the left on the picture, is Franco-Finnish and he travels around Finland since he was very small. For several years now, he has been traveling through this beautiful country with Anne-Laure (on the right).

Kuksa are rare products and it is difficult to find handmade ones of good quality. So we wanted to make kuksa available worldwide and promote Finnish handicrafts.

That's when we decided to create Kuksa Shop, a catalog of ethical wooden products offering exclusively handmade products from Finland.

At first, we focused on selling authentic, handmade kuksa. Then, due to the high demand and after testing them, we also offered Kupilka, the industrial (but ecological) alternative to kuksa.

Today, Kuksa Shop offers more than 120 different products related to tableware and Finland:

Values and commitments

What is important to us is to offer natural, ecological and recyclable products.

"Nature is a good guide. When we live it, it always shows us the way."
Julien Allaire

The production of kuksa does not require any tree cutting. They are made from burr, a growth of the tree. They are then carved with an axe or a knife and worked by hand.

Some of our cups have a reindeer horn decoration. Here again, it is important to know that reindeer are very numerous in Finland (there are more reindeer than inhabitants in Finnish Lapland, yes!). When autumn comes, male reindeer lose their antlers. They are therefore collected by the herders and used to create or decorate everyday objects like kuksa! Everything in a kuksa is natural, biodegradable and from nature.

Kupilka products are factory-made products, but they respect the environment. Kupilka was the first company in Finland to use green electricity in its entire production process, and has done so since 1996.

Kupilka products are 100% recyclable. They can either be burned or returned to the factory for a second life.
The manufacturing of our products, whether they are handmade or factory-made, respects nature in order to have as little environmental impact as possible.

Here are the commitments we made in October 2021 that we will keep:

  • To make fair trade: that is to say to work directly with the craftsman and to pay him the right price so that he is rewarded for his work.
  • To propose only quality products, from wood, ecological and recyclable.

femme froid kuksa finlande laponie
Alexis neige kuksa
Kaniini kuksa tronc finlande neige

In the heart of Europe and elsewhere

We are currently based in Nantes, France. But our kuksa are shipped all over the world! In green on the map, discover the countries where we deliver our products.

Your country is not listed? Send us a message and we will add it to our list!

carte du monde de nos livraisons
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