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How to preserve your kuksa?

If you are on this article it means that you already own one or more kuksa or that you are going to have one soon. In this article, I will advise you on the daily maintenance of your cup to avoid any inconvenience such as staining from food or mold.

Anne-Laure CompainAnne-Laure Compain

Anne-Laure Compain

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Published on 19 October 2021 (Updated on 23 August 2023)

The first uses of your kuksa

When you will receive your kuksa, it is possible that during your first uses, you will have a layer of salt in the bottom of your kuksa. Don't panic, this is normal!

The only way to get all the salt out of your cup is to use it. After a few weeks, your kuksa will have lost that salty taste and you will be able to enjoy your drinks at their true value.

Choose hot drinks to help bring out the salt in your kuksa.

How to extend the life of your kuksa?

You will find that some foods will stain your kuksa, and I'm thinking particularly of red fruits like raspberries or blueberries! But don't worry, we detail in this article how to remove this stain.


If you order a kuksa from our store, we'll slip two small samples of oil and coffee in your package so you can maintain your kuksa!

Treating the inside of the kuksa

Why treat the inside of your kuksa?

  • To avoid cracks in the wood
  • To avoid having mold and mildew
  • To remove any staining of the wood by an ingredient

The most natural and traditional way to treat the interior of your kuksa is to use coffee grounds! Coffee grounds will make the cup waterproof and prevent it from cracking when it dries. I'm actually detailing all the steps right below! ⬇️

In our example below, you'll see the treatment of a kuksa that had been stained by a fresh fruit cocktail.

kuksa tache rose fruits

Coffee infusion

Let hot coffee brew in your cup for a few minutes.

This step solidifies your cup and strengthens the wood.t coffee brew in your cup for a few minutes. This step solidifies your cup and strengthens the wood.
infusion cafe


Empty the coffee that was in the kuksa and let your cup dry for a short hour.

The drying will expand the pores of the wood and help for the next step.
sechage kuksa

Adding the coffee grounds

Once the kuksa is dry, take some hot, wet coffee grounds and rub them on the sides of the cup. Leave it on for 3-5 minutes, until the coffee grounds get into the pores of the wood.

marc de cafe

Waterproof film

The coffee grounds, once absorbed by the wood, will form a greasy waterproof film. This will prevent the kuksa from cracking when dry.

Remove the excess coffee grounds with a cloth.

film hydrofuge
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Treating the exterior of the kuksa

Why treat the outside of your kuksa?

  • To give shine to the kuksa
  • To protect it from cracks
  • To avoid any mold or mildew

How to treat the outside of a kuksa ?

The oil is perfect for treating the outside of your cup because it is hardening. Indeed, it solidifies in contact with oxygen. The drying time of the oil varies according to the temperature and humidity of the room, it can take a few days or a few weeks!

The advantage of oiling your kuksa with oil is to make it more resistant. The oil penetrates into the pores of the wood and solidifies.
treating exterior kuksa

Which oil to use?

  • Linseed oil for food without solvent : There are two types, raw or cooked linseed oil. The advantage of using cooked linseed oil is that it is heated to 200°C, so it will harden faster than raw oil. (Raw linseed oil can take several months to dry). However, cooked linseed oil is often more yellow in color than raw oil and will bring a yellow tone to the wood. Be careful, linseed oil has an odor that is not necessarily appreciated by everyone. Also remember to choose an edible oil without solvents. Learn more about linseed oil.
  • Grapeseed oil : penetrates easily into the wood, moisturizes, dries quickly (in just a few hours) and is odorless. It is an excellent way to maintain the natural beauty of a kuksa.
You can then bleach your cup by putting it in the sun!
linseed oil maintenance kuksa

How to apply oil?

Brush the outside of your cup with a cloth or paper towel and let the wood absorb it for 1 hour. However, if you find that the wood is not saturated, you can add more oil to the missing spots. Then wipe off the excess oil.

To dry, place your kuksa in a well ventilated area. And, to accelerate the hardening, place it in a warmer place but with a very good air circulation.

drying kuksa oil

Summary picture of the maintenance of a kuksa

schema maintenance kuksa

4 mistakes to avoid to extend the life of your kuksa

Kuksa can get moldy quickly and in many ways. So you have to be very careful on a daily basis.

Do not use dishwashing liquid on a kuksa

Dishwashing liquid will dry your kuksa. After use, rinse it only with clear water or wipe it with a dry cloth. And don't put it in the dishwasher, heat and humidity are what it hates!

Do not store a kuksa in an airtight place

Your kuksa is a natural product, it must breathe! If you put your wet kuksa in a backpack or a closet, for example, it will lack air and become moldy. I advise you to hang it in the open air in your bag!

Do not pour boiling water into a kuksa

Don't pour boiling water, which comes straight out of the kettle for example, right into the kuksa. Boiling water will damage the surface of the wood. Wait only a few seconds before pouring your water.

Do not soak alcohol in a kuksa

If you soak alcohol in your kuksa overnight or for a few hours, the wood may warp and split.

Baptize your kuksa like the Lapps

According to tradition, when you first use your kuksa, you have a little routine to follow:

  1. Pouring alcohol into your kuksa
  2. Turn it counter-clockwise
  3. Take a sip of alcohol
  4. Turn the alcohol in your kuksa counterclockwise
  5. Take another sip of alcohol

Warning: alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health


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