How is Christmas celebrated in Finland?


Did you know that Christmas starts on December 13 in Finland? And yes, it's not the official country of Santa Claus for nothing!

Legends say that he lives in Korvatunturi in Lapland. And, that from this mountain Santa Claus can hear if the children are good or not!

Christmas traditions in Finland

Christmas markets in Helsinki

One of the Christmas traditions in Finland is, like in many countries, the Christmas market! In the capital, Helsinki, you can find the most famous and well-known market: the one of Saint Thomas. Here you will find many gift ideas like kuksa.

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Saint Lucia: the start of Christmas

December 13 marks in Finland as in many Nordic countries, the start of the Christmas festivities! This day marks the longest night of the year and the arrival of the Christmas decorations and spirit.

Creating Christmas decorations and preparing gifts and carols
Christmas festivities end on December 26

Let's celebrate the Christmas Peace in Turku

One of the oldest Finnish traditions is the Christmas Truce "Joulurauhanjulistus", celebrated on December 24. It is celebrated in the oldest city of Finland Turku. On this occasion, at noon, the mayor of the city reads the declaration of peace on the balcony of the town hall.

This speech is broadcasted live on television and radio so that the greatest number of people can hear it.

It is important to know that the speech is given in Finnish and Swedish.
kuksa nature finlande neige

Why give a kuksa for Christmas?

The kuksa is a wooden cup hand-carved from a single piece of wood. Traditionally from the burr of the Masur birch, a birch tree that grows in Scandinavia and likes high temperatures.

Kuksa were first produced and used by the Sami, an indigenous people living in Lapland. And, according to the Sami, to give a kuksa is to give happiness. Because what matters is the values they convey, and no matter what you call them, a real kuksa is a cup made with your own hands or given to you.

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Finland, the land of reindeer and Santa Claus

Finnish Lapland currently has more reindeer than inhabitants. And, as everyone knows, reindeer are part of Santa's life. In fact, Santa's official village is located in Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland! A magical place, full of great gift ideas for young and old. You can even meet 8 reindeer pulling the sleigh.

Santa Claus and little girl
traineau a chien et levé de soleil

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How to prepare a 100% Finnish Christmas?

In Finland, during the Christmas period the nights are very long because the day sets around 3 pm. The Christmas atmosphere is felt all day long.


Himmeli making

This traditional decoration is very present in Scandinavian houses. This decoration is made of rye straw and can be hung from the ceiling or in the tree, depending on its size. It is a handmade decoration.



December is a month of celebration in Finland. Families and friends get together to celebrate "pikkujoulu", mini-Christmas parties where people gather around the fire. They eat herring or ham and drink mulled wine!


Piparkakku or Porkkanalaatikko

As in all countries, during the holiday season certain recipes are coveted. In Finland we find the "Piparkakku", shortbread with spices. But also the braised ham and the carrot gratin also called "Porkkanalaatikko".

Enjoy Christmas in a realFinnish wooden cup: the kuksa

Your Christmas table the Finnish way

A complete Kupilka service for your Christmas table

Kupilka is one of Finland's best-known brands since its inception in 1996. Kupilka offers a wide range of ecological and recyclable tableware to use at home or outdoors during a hike or a trip.

For your Christmas table, you can use their plates, cutlery, boards and cups! For a sober table, choose a single color but for the more creative, mix colors among the 5 proposed by the brand!

A hearty, healthy and simple Finnish Christmas meal

I'm going to talk about traditional Christmas meals, but not all Finns eat this on Christmas Eve!

One of the most traditional dish is the roasted ham "joulukinkku" served with different vegetables and gratin like the carrot gratin "Porkkanalaatikko". Fish such as herring and salmon are also featured.

This good food is accompanied by Christmas beer or the famous lime wine with spices "glögi".

For a sweet note, there are the spiced shortbread "Piparkakku" and the jam-filled cookies "Herrasväen pikkuleivät", as well as the famous flaky stars "Joulutorttu".

kupilka Christmas table
kupilka Christmas table
kupilka Christmas table

Discover our Finnish Christmas recipes 🎅🏼🤶🏼🎄

Spiced or jam-filled cookies, carrot gratin, Christmas stars, mulled wine, you name it!



Finnish Glögi 🧋🎄

To warm up your winter afternoons or evenings, make yourself a delicious glögi. It's a hot drink with cranberry, apple juice and spices.

Preparation time: 20 minutes

Preparation time: 20 minutes

Finnish Christmas Glossary

  • Joulua: Christmas
  • Hyvää Joulua: Merry Christmas
  • Joulupukki : Santa Claus
  • Glögi : Hot wine with spices
  • Pikkujoulu : Little Christmas
  • Piparkakku : Spiced cookie
  • Porkkanalaatikko : Carrot gratin, Christmas specialty
  • Joulukinkku : Roasted ham
  • Herrasväen pikkuleivät : Cookies with jam filling
  • Joulutorttu : Christmas stars, a star-shaped puff pastry filled with prunes
  • Joulurauhanjulistus : Christmas truce or peace
  • Lohikeitto: Finnish salmon, potato, carrot and dill soup
corne de renne kuksa authentique

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